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​Bees are fuzzy with yellow and black stripes.  There are 2 common types of bees in Ontario: the honeybee and the bumblebee.  Wasps and hornets are very similar, both can sting repeatedly (as can the bumblebee).  Some wasps and hornets will make paper nests which can be seen hanging from a tree limb or soffit while others will nest in the ground, stumps, wall voids, attics and other unexpected places.  Others such as the mud dauber are solitary wasps which will make tubular nests made out of mud often seen on the side of a structure. 

Harm and Damage

Most people have suffered a sting and know how painful they can be.  Other people can be allergic to the venom and for them it can be lethal.  More people die in North America from bee and wasp stings each year than all other venomous stings and bites combined. 

Nests built in structures can cause significant damage.  If for example you see wasps going into a soffit, it is likely the nest is located in the insulation.  Nests contain a fair bit of moisture and can in certain instances soften drywall on a ceiling and eventually cause them to fall through, which can be little terrifying. Nests built in close proximity to your home will, as the season goes on, become much larger meaning the population has dramatically increased and therefore the risk of getting attacked is much greater.

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