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​The brown rat also known as the Norway rat, sewer rat or wharf rat, is one of the world’s most serious mammalian pests.  It’s a sociable animal which usually lives in groups or colonies and operates using a dominance hierarchy.  It commonly lives close to humans wherever it can find suitable harbourage and a close by food source.  As its name suggests the brown rat has usually brown to grey fur but the colour may vary from white to black.  The male can reach lengths of 22 inches (56cm) tail included and can weigh in at around 1 lb + (500g).  They will typically burrow in soil but can live quite comfortably in structures as well.  In the wild they usually live for about a year.  The female can, in her lifetime, have 10-12 litters with an average of 6-9 young per litter.  The brown rats range is pretty well worldwide.

Harm and Damage:

Rats carry many diseases, such as leptospirosis, salmonella, and listeria which they can pass to humans, usually through their urine and droppings.  Rats can cause an incredible amount of property damage through their gnawing, especially when they chew the insulation off of electrical wiring.  It is estimated that 1/4 of all fires in structures are caused by rodents.​

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Brown Rat